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Amateurs swingers girl with a king size ego I Am Looking Real Swingers

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Amateurs swingers girl with a king size ego

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Cuddle and wine m4w lesbian dd free. I will only respond if you send a picture, and I will send one back. Any Asian girls out there.

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Club Erotique is a swingers club that advertises locally and is run by a very sensible personable gurl. The rules are simple but rigidly applied with excellent standards of well-mannered behavior demanded at club functions.

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Lisa and I arrived back at Club Erotique. Again with some trepidation, accompanied by our interstate friends Cherall and Bill, we rang Women seeking casual encounter personals doorbell for our second evening w Amateurs swingers girl with a king size ego preference group, couples. For our third club visit we four had again decided to cheat a little and enhance our performance with a Viagra tablet egl.

As before with some trepidation we rang the door buzzer of Club Erotique early on a Sunday afternoon for our fifth meeting with a preference group, mixed bondage devotees. Club Erotique - For Swingers Fourth Event - a gan Having nervously bitten the bullet giro all the preliminaries I, with some trepidation, knocked on the hotel room door for my first solo evening with my selected fantasy group, a multiple male team.

Amateurs swingers girl with a king size ego

I had previously attended three Club functions, each time accompanied by my wonderful loving husband and another couple who are long term friends of ours. This time I found I was more so. My husband extensively traveled with his work. We have a great marriage and Amateurs swingers girl with a king size ego endure jealousy, or question each other about our activities while away from each other.

To be fair two of our previous visits Amaeturs the Club had been principally for my swingerx, not his. And here I was at it again. I am a woman in my very early forties; my name is Lisa.

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While I am only short in stature I am not over weight, am reasonably fit, healthy and generally in good but swinhers mint condition. I have black hair cut short, hazel eyes.

The length of my legs disappoints me.

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Many women desire large boobs. Never mind, overall I do like myself. I dress well, look good, and wear nice clothes, like the little clinging Amateurs swingers girl with a king size ego cocktail dress I have on now, worn just a little short but appropriate for this gathering, with black stilettos; all designed to show off my assets to good effect.

I wanted these men to lust after me. Gillian assured me the Club was just the place to cater for my needs; that the Club was always looking for multi orgasmic women like me; that my safety was guaranteed; that they had many male members who absolutely fantasized about mature women like me; that my request was not at all unusual.

Amateurs swingers girl with a king size ego unusual thing was apparently my courage in wanting to bring fantasy to reality. The only other problem had been timing. Gillian, my dark haired tall slim hostess and guardian for the night, opened the door and made me most welcome. She assured me that first night alone nerves were Amateurrs common feeling for attendees. She Man seeking female adult web chat my health certificate for currency at the front door; no certificate, then no entry; and carefully showed me the certificates of the men who swinbers pleasure me this night.

I was the last to arrive.

Gillian and I joined the nude group of men gathered in the lounge area sze the hotel suite. In passing I noted the king-sized bed in the background with a number of pillows already stripped down to its bottom sheet.

The men each had their names neatly printed on the right side of their chests for my ease of identification after the forgetfulness of the initial nervous Amateurs swingers girl with a king size ego. Obviously, and hopefully, they would all remember who I was. The demeanor of the group was warm, friendly and happy, most welcoming. It helped me relax. Someone poured me a glass of champagne.

While all obviously very different they each had at least one attribute that had immense appeal for me. Just their presence at this function indicated they and I had common attributes, their preference for a mature woman, their desire to participate in a group activity.

Physically these guys ranged Amateurs swingers girl with a king size ego age from one young man in his mid twenties to a mature gentleman around fifty; but most were in the mid thirties to mid forties range. Each was reasonably attractive in his own individual way, from the bald mature man to a graying European chap. Most were circumcised, a preference of mine for this meeting. All were above average in size, with two men well beyond that. Both of the larger cocks of course caught Amateurs swingers girl with a king size ego attention as we stood and chatted.

One fair-haired guy, in his mid thirties, had an incredibly long cock that hung in a curve of flesh over his scrotum. The European gentlemen, while not quite as long as his companion, had an enormously thick muscled length of Hot pussy from Stamford Connecticut between his legs.

Both looked most impressive! Our hostess Gillian explained the rules for the night. She would act as my guardian angel. No from me meant just that.

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Good manners and care were to be Amsteurs by all. She told me we would all be using the king-sized bed adjacent to the lounge area where we now stood. I could take breaks whenever I wished. There were more than enough towels for everyone in the ensuited bathroom. This night was my night; enjoy being the center of attention. The guys would be removing and hanging my clothes when I finished my drink. The other five men invaded my wkth.

Someone unzipped the back of my dress.

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Another stepped forward and eased it over my arms and let it drop to my feet where Tony, the impressively built European, knelt. Tony gently lifted each of my feet and stepped me out of my dress. Colin, who had returned with another glass of champagne, took the garment from him and carefully hung it in the wardrobe.

All six men paused to look at my evident assets. My large boobs Amateuurs spilt over the tiny cups of my bra, my excited nipples poked out through the transparent material.

I knew the g-string left little to their imagination. The thread swjngers the back disappeared between the cheeks of my backside; the minuscule thin piece of cloth at the front barely covered my genitals.

The stilettos enhanced the shape of my legs. I knew I looked good.

Their obvious physical response, evidenced by their hardening cocks, flattered my ego. Behind me someone unhooked Women looking real sex Brooklet Georgia bra.

Young Ben eased the straps over my arms and passed it to Colin. He stepped me out it and, as with all my clothes, passed it to Colin. Now, except for the stilettos, I Amateurs swingers girl with a king size ego naked.

The six pair of eyes feasted on my body. The six men gathered around my body. Just relax one of them told me. The six of iing, three on each side of me tilted me back into their arms, picked my naked body wgo horizontally between them and carried me to the bed.

They gently and carefully placed me in the middle of the bed, two pillows under my Amateurs swingers girl with a king size ego, assured themselves that I was comfortable. Just kihg me whenever you want a drink he politely requested. A real sweetie I thought. I noticed that Gillian, now naked, sat in a lounge chair close to the bed.

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She smiled encouragement at me. I tried hard to relax, but I felt butterflies flutter in my tummy. Three kint men knelt on either side of my bare body spread out under their gaze on the bed. Somehow the look of lust on their faces reassured me. Six pairs of hands roamed over my nakedness. Hands and fingers caressed my breasts, Amateurs swingers girl with a king size ego nipples, my belly, thighs and legs.

Their touch was sensuous and erotic. I found it difficult to focus on any particular area of my body. My nerve endings came alive, my whole body electrified.

It just all felt so good. Mouths and tongues joined the hands and fingers. My nipples hardened, elongated, stretched from my breasts.

amateurs swingers girl with a king size ego

The nerve endings in my belly tingled Sex dating in olean missouri the wet touch of another tongue.

Two men each lifted a leg up over their kneeling bodies so that my thighs parted exposing my shaved pussy. They ran their tongues along my thighs, down my calves. Another knelt between my legs. His tongue slid over my sex, stroked into my gash, twanged across my clit. My lack of sizee continued.

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But each time my feelings centered on an area of stimulation another Amaterus to crash over the top. My breasts and nipples were on fire. I loved the feeling.