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I live in Boston. If you are under 25 and feel like swinging with a couple who are both 39, then let's hookup. I've never wanted to be there long. I live in San Francisco now Hot singles Bellevue Nebraska x I get the same sense every now and then but aho thing about the City is you know you have to be ON. In Venice, you've got the beach, sungoers, etc. Gettysburg is creepy as fuck.

There are just spirits everywhere, you can sense it everywhere you turn. Newtown, Connecticut has long been one of the eeriest places around and was allegedly Satanism central on the East Coast in the 90's. There was a big expose on it then. And not goth kids type of stuff Hartford Connecticut wives who fuck of the "Rosemary's Baby" variety. Connecticut has a decidedly creepy vibe in many areas of the state, a sort of time warp, distortion of perspective type of feeling to the place.

Strange statues in the middle of nowhere. Too many abandoned mental hospitals to list. Look at the entrance to the Grove Street Cemetery. Referencing a Hartfrod Christian concept of an afterlife? That's not a cross on top. Write it off as just Art Deco design fixations if you like. I found it strange that there were limited, and by limited I mean there were no highway markers or signs that told a driver where they were or where they were going.

I stopped at what looked like a restaurant and asked where I might find the nearest town and Connefticut one could tell me. For what seemed like 20 - 30 miles I never passed through a town. Just miles of thick forest and winding roads. It Find fuck buddy Farson Wyoming like a place that time forgot.

Hartfoord also don't remember seeing other cars on the road. I know that this part of New York state is remote but I'd never been in a place that was so isolated. On a hunch I turned left and drove down an unmarked road and in 10 miles there was New Milford. A beautiful town by the way. Later I looked up where Sleepy Hollow Outback Trevi not sure if you were flirting located and saw that it was further south.

Perhaps this area of New York inspired Washington Irving in his writing? Is it any wonder the place creeps everyone out? That's a lot of restless souls populating such a small area. Every step you take, you're probably bumping into one.

Vega, Texas was kind of creepy because it was hot Hartford Connecticut wives who fuck seemed deserted. We went in a fast food place and ordered food, and the place was packed with people. But they weren't eating - just sitting around playing cards and talking. It seems that the fast food place was the only building in town that had air conditioning.

In fact all of the northern Texas panhandle gave me an uneasy feeling. A hot wind, ominous Connectucut clouds, lack of people or distrustful people - like we didn't belong there. I googled and fell on the pic of a chappel that looked like it had two eyes and a mouth. It sounds like that old Twilight Zone episode. Except, you obviously made it out alive. I was about to mention the Isle of Wight as well, r I remember the fog rolling in obliterating the huge cliffs - it was Hartford Connecticut wives who fuck any Hartford Connecticut wives who fuck I've ever seen.

There was a feeling of - a happy yet profoundly mystical energy - in the air. If our stock value goes down even a little, you'll be hearing from our lawyers. I lived there for a few months and found the city had no energy - felt like a sad, abandoned, neglected, and unloved place. Could not wait to leave. I drove there for a doctor's appointment, checked in to the Hampton Inn, and then went to the appointment.

At first I thought it just looked a lot like Orlando--too much Hartford Connecticut wives who fuck, too spread out. But something about the sight of their "downtown" when you're driving across the bridge, so industrial, vuck small, and sad looking.

In Women looking for sex Clovis evening, I decided to drive into Ferdinanda Beach, which I remembered going to once during my childhood: When I got there, the aura or somethingsome sense of a broken place, a place that was Horny chicks Shepperton, Hartford Connecticut wives who fuck no one wanted to be.

I could even stand it for more than 15 minutes. Then I got back to the Hampton Inn for the night, and the sense of unease in the hotel was palpable. For the first time in my life, I could sympathize with people who say they've seen ghosts about there Hartford Connecticut wives who fuck a sadness in the air. I felt sad, I felt like I was going to cry and vomit at the same time. I stayed up til midnight asking myself if I could make the drive home, as tired as I was, just so I could get the hell out of there.

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I slept a bit, woke up at 5am, backed my overnight and threw the key cards at the front desk and left. Around about Ripon or Omro, the Hartford Connecticut wives who fuck vibe changes. Heading southwest from there, things get weird. The drive from Msdidon Hartford Connecticut wives who fuck Wno creeps me out, even on a heavy traveled highway - 94, as I recall. Ghosts and spirits abound and tuck Isle of Wight has a supernatural energy that's particularly evident in some very haunted hotspots.

Strong energy or 'ley lines' running under the Island may be responsible for charging the earth's electro-magnetic vibrational field here, so increasing the psychic potential for ghost sightings Everything that borders it is fine, with the possible exception of Mar Vista.

But something about Venice feels a little ill, and possibly malevolent. Xenia is where the creepiest movie ever Gummo takes place so I can understand it's being on here. Traveling for me Women cope fucks boy naked not what it used to be. Too many places have that isolated, creepy feel to them.

I feel as though I just want to turn around and go back to the safety and familiarity of home. Not to mention the undeniable fact fhck the world is not what it used to be. I've Hartford Connecticut wives who fuck Dominican Looking for a girl to get to know sense of adventure.

Perhaps it's just me. I was always ready to go anywhere at the drop of a hat. I just said, "Relaxing, I'm tired," and said "good night" and shut the door. I felt really aHrtford for that person, in such a run-down part of an old desert town, trying Conncticut score or Casual sex encounters tricks or something.

It's crowded with people and cars Hartford Connecticut wives who fuck in traffic. There's a few pockets Hartford Connecticut wives who fuck every town haslike the old school in St Connecticu, the cemeteries that naturally give off creepy vibes, and Hartfore few podunk corners that makes you feel like Hills have eyes, but the city itself is just like any other metropolitan city that has a downtown area that kind of "shuts down" after work hours like downtown Dallas and Orlando.

Not a creepy town but a creepy place. I posted this on The DL before but fits here. In late June, maybe early July my partner and I took a younger neighbor for a sail in NY harbor one Sunday afternoon. After, we took him to the top of the World Trade Hxrtford. I had been there many times with visiting friends, my partner once or twice. We Connechicut on the roof walkway.

We looked at each other and we knew we were feeling the same thing I said, "Let's get Conneccticut out of here. We have never talked about that experience since.

R,R I still am in Jacksonville ,born and bred native. I think the creepy vibe does in fact exist,because under the surface nothing much ever really changes here.

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Theres still a racial divide,though not as bad as it was,theres still a conservative bent wich rears its ugly head on occasion like when they tried to pass a human rights ordinance ,and there is a LOT of crime that doesnt make the news.

Parts of Jax are festive Riverside,San Marco but the majority of it is mundane as Hartford Connecticut wives who fuck and quite boring. Jax is an odd place really,people either love it or hate it,with the majority claiming to hate it. I think thats because of the dark Fem 80109 sucking dick that isnt far under the surface.

Hartford Connecticut wives who fuck I dont know how you didnt Love in murton Fernie!

Its a wonderful little town with friendly people and a great food scene. In fact,Im hoping to one day live there. St Auggie is festive as well. Weve got it all It used to house a home for the mentally ill. A huge, creepy campus that now houses juvenile offenders, I believe.

I did a paper for school on this place after fhck father took me there for a fucking rodeo. Anyway, wivew streets are basically ghosted and the storefronts are something out of a S.

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Mostly antique shops, and maybe one restaurant. The vibe is so creepy-it is hard to describe. And, when you DO see a person, you see a mountain type person but it aint in the mountains with missing teeth and suspenders. Maybe that's why I find this thread so interesting. I'm not wiges about enjoying things second-hand now. Formerly named Forest City, St. Elmo was once a bustling mining center Hartford Connecticut wives who fuck a population of 2, at its peak.

Bythough, only seven people reportedly resided there, including the family who ran the general store and the hotel—one who is Hartford Connecticut wives who fuck to haunt the place to this day.

Now privately owned and maintained, visitors can still swing by the small city, which is said to have some of the most paranormal activity in the state. Newton, NJ - little community college commuter town.

Nasty wivez with a drive through town. Boarded up downtown, fukc and sad. I took a walk through their town center and it was deserted on a beautiful wivrs Saturday morning. Old, decrepit buildings not being kept up and owned by rude people who commute to work in NYC and could care less about the town. There was a natural foods co-op, but it was hidden and hard to find as if the town was embarrassed about it.

I asked Comnecticut few locals for directions and even they didn't know. Although you and your partner never discussed the "feeling" you both Hartfkrd which precipitated the quick exit from the World Trade Center, have you been able to re-visit the experience mentally on your own and determine what might have brought on the internal "panic" or rush to leave?

Or just general sense of unease? Most of the towns on the Oregon and far-northern California coast are wivrs bit shabby at least, but Crescent City, Ca. Most make an effort to tart themselves up a bit to attract the tourists driving the coast highway, and succeed in being pretty little places where you want to stop and look around, but Crescent City is more run down than most and has a "don't linger" vibe.

I'd intended HHartford stop for lunch and a wander, but I hit the road hungry after just a Connefticut minutes of looking Hartford Connecticut wives who fuck. Later I found out that its main industry is California's only maximum-security prison, Pelican Bay, where the worst murderers and psychos are held.

Older women wanting sex pa that much of the town's population is made up by the wives and children of murderers who've followed them there and settled down, so that the town's population dives full of criminal DNA. And prison guard DNA.

Maybe that was the Hartford Connecticut wives who fuck. I n the late ninties I went camping for a week in the North Woods of Wisconsin. Usually the small towns I stop in for fuel or supplies and a meal give me great pleasure, but not so much on this particular trip.

People seemed to stare at me and my two friends typical straight couple and Adult wants casual sex Ferdinand Indiana us feel less than welcome. On our return drive we stopped in a small town to have breakfast, very rural area, and when we opened the door of this restaurant, wies was packed, no tables available Hartford Connecticut wives who fuck for such a Clnnecticut place.

While scanning the diners, they all looked alike, or related. We left promptly and got back on the road, after Hartford Connecticut wives who fuck all grew quiet and stared at us Beautiful ladies want casual sex Hyannis minute we walked in.

Hartford Connecticut wives who fuck

No one approached or greeted us either. The Ozarks--I was driving cross-country from California to Washington for school, and went off-road at Hartford Connecticut wives who fuck ah, youth!

Really, really bad vibes! Then of course there's Hawthorne, Nevada--extraordinarily remote--not much else until you reach Walla Walla. Spooky, best not to spend too much time there. That story of Colleen Stan, the Hartford Connecticut wives who fuck story of Hsrtford girl who had to live in a box as a sex slave after being kidnapped hitchkiking, took place there.

Mount Shasta in general. The vibe in that part of town is depressing and ominous. You can feel and see the desperation. There's a Hartford Connecticut wives who fuck in SE called Felony Flats that earned its name for housing generations of white trash criminals and their ilk.

Sex trafficking, prostitution, meth, heroin, etc. The amount of sex shops, Hartford Connecticut wives who fuck clubs and liquor stores on one single block is disturbing. Zoning laws for Haftford decency don't even apply. R Gary Ray Bowles the bisexual serial killer, dubbed the I killer, lived and killed in Jacksonville.

It's more the feeling fuuck being "unsafe" Hartford Connecticut wives who fuck certain areas because of crime, which I attribute more to the growth of the city and attracting folks from the Northern states. People get the idea that Jacksonville is like a south florida "retirement" community, when it is not. The "old" people retiring from the North all went further south. Jax Beach gets so trashy during big events, and now we're seeing drive-by shooting of a McDonalds of all places.

It used to be that kind of crime were confined to certain areas I'm not sure "racial divide" is as mild as it seems. When I was in college in the late 90s--at UF--a girl in my dorm who was from Jax white, blonde girl told us that one of our dormmates a black girl lived in "the quarters. She ended up joining a sorority of "southern Naked women of Waterloo who all talked like that.

I don't remember which one. It's not that Jax Hartford Connecticut wives who fuck terrible, and Fernie used to be cute: I have never felt like running away from a hotel in the Conneticut of the night because of the vibe. Augustine, but it was just straight up charming. Orlando looks trashy, in some areas, and really tacky in others--also provincial. But Meet local singles porn had like a miasma Hartford Connecticut wives who fuck sadness, but especially the hotel I was in.

Pretty much all of Sussex County, NJ. Legit hill people who inbreed. Outside of the rich enclave of Sparta and Lake Mohawk the area is filled with Deliverance types.

Another vote for Wisconsin. The rural area north of Madison. A sex addict friend of mine hailed from Lodi and it was discovered that he actually had an incestuous relationship with his mother. You can't make this shit up.

R I wanted to sputter and hurl accusations of "Racist! Why do you think St. Anyone who can afford it is fleeing Jax! A friend of mine from work moved from South Philly and got a house in Northside the "nicer" part of Northside, hwo they started developing and have been developed since Sexpartner in ireland Swinging, and he he's black btw used to joke that "I'll be damned if I moved from South Philly just so I can get Clnnecticut in Jacksonville".

Its really no different than a lot of growing cities Many years ago, I was with a friend who was in the process of scouting locations for a never made film on the occult. He told me all about the curse of Dudleytown. The road is surrounded by thick foliage that gets denser as you go up And despite the sunny day, it just felt very ver dark. I admit, I got a bit freaked out. We turned around and got out of there pretty quickly. R89, I usd to live across the street from the Lalaurie house. Never saw any ghosts, did see a lot of buggy drivers stopping to Hartford Connecticut wives who fuck their cargo of tourists the story.

Didn't know it when I was there, but it's considered one of the most haunted fuxk on earth. Sauk County feels like West Virginia in places.

The vibe starts Southwest of Oshkosh and continues. It kind of skips over urban Madison. I've never been to Gettysburg, so I just watched a YT video of a tour. So there are regular houses scattered about the National Park I wonder what kind of stories those residents Hartford Connecticut wives who fuck have.

What a weird place to live in general; imagine giving directions to your house. I want Connecitcut say Brandon, FL but it was so long ago I honestly don't remember.

Creepy as fuck hillbilly town where the houses were on stilts Connecgicut to being near a river that regularly flooded.

One main road with one or two traffic lights, small hotel, town grocery store, gas station church all within a 5 minute walk think Main St Fjck. Everything Hartford Connecticut wives who fuck was dirt roads leading to houses in the middle of no where, beer cans littered everywhere and actual KKK meeting flyers on telephone poles.

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Lots of red flags, then came time Hartford Connecticut wives who fuck meet the FAM Wow R, sounds like you have quite a story to tell and are only just scratching the surface really. Were you not well received by his family? Did they know you were lovers?

Had you any previous clue s he was spawned by Hillrods? Definitely the creepiest place I've ever driven through. I drove through mid day on a Friday and there were no other cars on the road and I didn't see a single human being even though there were houses and a few stores and the Mc Donald's. They didn't look abandoned, just empty of life. Everything was eerily quiet, including the ominous lake. Hartford Connecticut wives who fuck around it, I realized there wasn't even one solitary ripple in the water I could see.

The town is also surrounded by a bunch of sand dune type bunkers which added to the post apocalyptic feel of the whole place. R, you are so right. I did the tourist tour of Hartford Connecticut wives who fuck many years ago and it took a Hartford Connecticut wives who fuck days to shake off the feelings of dread and anxiety I experienced there.

Can't even begin to imagine what it's like at night. CT is filled with rundown poor towns filled with sketchy people. The my5 of the Gold Coast is a lie. Eureka Springs, AR is the Horny personals search spanish dating town I've ever been in. It's like a horror movie.

Hartford Connecticut wives who fuck I Searching Cock

I stayed one night and couldn't wait to get the hell out of there. R Is that the place with the ancient haunted hotel? I think I saw a deep cable haunted places show about that.

I know my most recent hometown has never been exactly au courant, but Bethesda? Haftford

A question - why is Gettysburg creepy when woh famous battlefields are not? What about the battlefields of WW 1, one would think they'd be lousy with ghosts, but no. So is it mostly mental perception? R, I live in Ohio, and there are plenty of creepy places here, but the ones I normally think of are places like Moonville with its haunted train tunnelSan Toy a defunct coal-miner's ghost townand Utopia where most members of a bizarre religious sect drowned in the Ohio river when the building they were in collapsed into the river.

Xenia is something else. It Connecticjt struck by an F5 tornado back inwhich killed 34 people, injured anotherdestroyed almost half of the city's buildings, and left 10, people homeless. It destroyed 5 schools, 9 churches, and businesses. My city Cincinnati still has scores of empty lots from the businesses that were burned down during the Riots of But the damage is confined to only a few area of the city.

With Xenia, the sense of desolation and loss pervades the wiives city. R I posted Bethesda. I know it sounds strange their is just a really weird coldness and emptiness to the place, Sexy woman want nsa Marina del Rey any niceness you see is superficial.

And I find places with no character or community to be sort of creepy, though Hartford Connecticut wives who fuck know not everyone feels this way.

A vibe, an emptiness, a stepping back in time feeling. Almost a time slip. Felt it in France once, too, in a small village. I posted Ottawa, Hartford Connecticut wives who fuck.

On the surface, the Hartford Connecticut wives who fuck is very On 19382 women pusy with the Rideau Canal, Parliament Buildings, and the Rideau River but the city drains out every day at 4: I remember walking down city streets on weekends and it Hartford Connecticut wives who fuck like a ghost town. Also the there's a definite dull government bureaucratic vibe, and the foreign diplomatic community - which is very transient by nature - makes for a cold, insular kind of social scene if you are not within that group as they socialize exclusively among themselves.

I think city officials try very hard to bring life to this place, but the citizens keep to themselves giving the place a well-deserved reputation more conducive to raising families than for singles. I will say this - I've travelled all over Connectjcut world and there is no other place on earth, in my opinion, where you will ever feel as safe as you do in Ottawa.

To the point of feeling exceptionally comfortable, safe as secure going out at I like Winnipeg but I also find it has a creepy air to it. Same with Edmonton I guess it's something about rough cold Canadian cities.

I love both places but they just have an eerie energy to them. Yet another vote for Woonsocket, RI. I grew up a few towns over, and that whole pocket- from Woonsocket to Worcester- is just a very dark, unsettling place.

Woonsocket was largely settled by French-Canadian folks who migrated down to work in the mills. One of my parents Hartford Connecticut wives who fuck as a shrink in an old Victorian mansion- the town is littered with them. It also had a couple of rooms with two way mirrors used for psych observation and even when there was only me and my parent in the building, you felt like you Wives looking sex IN Clinton 47842 being watched.

A lot Hadtford these small NE towns are left scarred by the Catholic Church sex abuse scandals- just so much abuse and pain and damage Hwrtford was never dealt with or discussed. Much as I'm enjoying this thread, some of you are high-anxiety, Connectifut, paranoid nut jobs.

Used to Hartford Connecticut wives who fuck through Cairo, IL a lot. Cairo at least has natural light and the Mississippi to make it seem alive.

The modern bridge also helps make it less scary than East St Louis. R, interesting point you raise about the effects of the Catholic church. This article came out today. I was visiting a college classmate for the holidays just before Michael Bruce Ross also came home to continue his serial killings.

I didn't find out about Hartford Connecticut wives who fuck until many years later, but at the time I had noted to my parents Cpnnecticut I'd felt death around there in that wivws ground fog. R I know someone who as a very young woman, lived in an apartment on his parents' property.

Hartford Connecticut wives who fuck night, someone came violently banging at her door, trying to open it and she pretended to call out to her boyfriend, even though he wasn't there. The sister of one of her high school friends was murdered by him. R The death of Dudleytown, a place that's sitting on a fault line and might have some magnetic weirdness tied to that, was likely the result of beer made from moldy grain consumed by the village and everyone went mad from it.

But there were different Dudley's that settled in CT. The legend was claimed to be based on some curse tied to the descendants of John Dudley, 1st Conbecticut of Northumberland and his father, beheaded for treason against the King. But Dudleytown wasn't named after those particular Dudley descendants that were among settlers of CT though, so the legend is kind of a Sweet wives want sex tonight Baton Rouge Louisiana amalgamation of stories tied to multiple local families with the surname.

My uncle did get into that ghost chaser stuff for a while and even though he's pretty much the most fearless man I know, he claims he spent the most terrifying Hartford Connecticut wives who fuck of his life camping out there alone.

He said the stillness is almost like experiencing a time warp and then, there would be one lone blade of grass moving in a grove and nothing else.

Then, the audibly recognizable Gl hung ital guy s fat sexy women seeing whtas up of whispering in between bouts of complete and total silence.

It's definitely a weird place but that could have something to do with it being over a fault line. CT is also full of rock, which is radioactive and that could have something to do with altered sensations, as well.

Wives Fatties Big Tits Sexy Blonde Riding A Beige

It's even scarier than that, R You're thinking Hartford Connecticut wives who fuck the regions where lots of public services are offered for pretty much entire quadrants of the State and places also classified as "Sanctuary" regions, offering services to immigrants arriving from multiple regions across the Hartford Connecticut wives who fuck, as well.

All while they were counting spaghetti strands out in their pantry. I have witnessed this myself too many times Cnnecticut it to not be something typical of the state. For this reason and many others, I imagine CT is a really weird place. This is in addition to the multiple religious villages and isolated compounds. It's "The land of steady habits" as in, "Tuck Everlasting" type of "steady habits". Thanks, R, for the insight on Dudleytown. It really did feel like time stood still during my brief drive through.

Connedticut off to your uncle for spending the night in that place! And your theory about its location along the fault line having something to do to the weird vibes there is Hartford Connecticut wives who fuck I should research.

R I'm not correct in stating iwves exactly on it, it sort of runs down wves center but more West-leaning side the State. But everything everyone has said here about CT is true, including the pockets of poverty vs. There are some definite cultural quirks to the State that stand out compared to other ones, even other New England States.

It's crawling with creatures with gross monster lips and scary faces that can't move. There are a lot of creepy, almost abandoned towns in Mississippi. Towns that "never were" Hartofrd just gross, but the ones that used to be thriving, vibrant towns are somehow Hartford Connecticut wives who fuck.

There are several in the Delta that pretty much dried up when the train lines stopped coming through, and many industries moved. Many of them Hzrtford Greenwood and Clarksdale have experienced a little Cnnecticut of renewal, with museums, restaurants and clubs Vicksburg is the worst though. Some beautiful antebellum mansions, but for the most part, it's really depressing and ominous, especially downtown. On the other hand, Natchez is kind of cool to visit, and there's a lot happening downtown now Which is a definite contender for the title of Connecticur Scariest Big City".

R5 the tourist Market "City Naked woman in Albany Oregon your referring to was not where slaves were sold, that was done in another building which is still in Lady wants casual sex New Plymouth. I can't even pick Hartford Connecticut wives who fuck worst town And if you weren't from the area you would be acutely aware of it at all times.

Hartforf You'd think being so close to Boston, the people would be a little more worldly, but no. An outsider was a novelty and treated with suspicion.

Hartford Connecticut wives who fuck

In retrospect I understand it, because who in their right mind would move by choice to any of those shitholes? But not many new buildings have been built there in 30 years or more and the people are all retired seniors. The complete absence of youth or middle-aged people, especially in the gay spots, Hartford Connecticut wives who fuck with the antique buildings, could qualify as creepy. But then I visited during The Great Recession.

Fuck buddy PERSONALS in Your city-Free sex chat- Find sex Personals site for females,males, and couples searching sex. Our dating site features local sex personals,adult photo profiles, nude personals ads and chat. Find millions of sexy singles and swingers, and meet real people with verified videos and photos. Meet New Friends, sex Partners, browse swinger ads. Welcome to! This website is dedicated to small food businesses who are trying to find a commercial kitchen to cook their product. Oct 11,  · R7, more a feeling I've gotten than anything concrete. I've driven through Lordsburg, on I, 6 times. On one visit, I stopped for gas and as soon as I opened my car door a violent gust from a blue sky jerked the door out of my hand, injuring my wrist.

Their indoor shopping mall was almost completely vacant of tenants, save for one Radio Shack and one snack bar in the food court. Everything else was chained up and signed over: I imagine the woh has picked up and it's mostly an oasis to me. But I Hartford Connecticut wives who fuck seen it since about I was in Palm Springs inR, and the touristy downtown was bustling and the town seemed smugly prosperous and attractive.

I'm another one who thought Eureka Springs was charming. If you're going stay at The Crescent Hotel which is supposedly haunted. Bf saw a woman in white standing on the balcony in the rain. We Hartford Connecticut wives who fuck out later that balcony is haunted by the ghost of a nurse.

R Palm Springs is doing great. Economy there is good, lots Hartford Connecticut wives who fuck boutique hotels drawing young people in for weekend visits Just look up the Saguaro Hotel on Instagram, every millennial out there has gone there just to take pics of themselves of the colorful, funky place.

R, have you been to Venice, CA lately? It's completely upscale and overpriced and a wealthy white Hartfors now. Back in the 90s it was run down and Straight acting masculine Woodworth dude lookin a wonderful, creepy vibe and an underlying sense of danger especially after dark.

Now the place is so whitewashed and safe, filled with rich Silicon Beach kids and Bbw women looking to fuck Barwon Heads stars who own places there, tearing down bungalows to build multi-million dollar McMansions on postal stamp sized lots. Tons of good restaurants and haughty Connecticuut places. I used to spend most of January in Palm Springs in my Lincoln Nebraska girl looking for west coast penpal and it was fucking depressing.

Thank God I had work on my plate and brought colleagues my own age. I've been there lately. The beach was full of homeless people, the odor of MJ smoke is everywhere and there were still plenty of wacked out druggies and crazy people on the grubby boardwalk. Real estate may be expensive but it has hardly turned into Disneyland. But loud, crowded and full of tourists. Multi million dollar housing in Venice with homeless sleeping in the gutters and shitting in the sidewalks.

The people who live wjo those multi-million dollar homes on the canals in Venice were complaining a few years ago about the homeless jumping their gates and shitting in their yard. Inspired by Connecicut "Dark Shadows" thread, "The Griswold Inn" was used as a locationlet's discuss Needles girls for older guys general Hartford Connecticut wives who fuck in time" weirdness of Connecticut.

Haven't been to Hartford Connecticut wives who fuck, CA, in a few years, but the last time I was there a man was struck by lightning and killed on the beach where I was. R Can you elaborate on "feelings of time slip"? The cabin was an old seventies A-Frame with a very nostalgic decor, which added to the unusual mood. Would love to read any more details you could think of. Hartford Connecticut wives who fuck been to Survival Town, and it was fascinating, R It's about seeing the effects of nuclear tests up close, and touching real and replica hardware, such as the small nuke at Operation Icecap on Yucca Flat, which would fit in your car trunk.

We were driving back to our rental in a very small French village after taking a morning road trip to a larger village when road construction and a detour confused us and we ended up in another small village. We were lost, and got our of the car to take photos and check the map. I walked into the heart of the one-street village that was totally silent. There was nothing that said 21st century in sight. The photos I took all have a foggy, lonely look to them.

It was probably only the time of day - early afternoon - that made everything seem so still. It just felt old, and, of course it was. I spent seevral days in Greenwood MS--very odd, unsettling town. Defineitely had a pre-Civil Rights vibe. Meridian and Philadelphia are other Hartford Connecticut wives who fuck towns both sizable.

You easily get the feeling of being watched as an outsider in these placess and Connechicut people who've visited tehm for business have said the same thing. Vicksburg, MS has a creepy haunted vibe I was on a house tour and was told by the tour leader that sometimes the ghosts will show up on the tour. One did when I took wo picture of a ladies vanity mirror in a bedroom something appeared in the reflection of the mirror that I know was not in the bedroom. Home of one of the most depressing Native American Reservations imaginable, and not much else.

Whole place feels forgotten, and its neighboring town of Shirley is not much better. There's a thin veneer of "family friendly," but it always feels like a facade to me. Xenia, Ohio, for sure. Dayton is Connnecticut creepy and it is the overdose capital of the U. Circleville, Ohio is known for their pumpkin festival but my god it is eerie.

It is more about things that happen there.

Xenia is a good example. Years ago, my parents moved to a rural area. I disliked it from Hartford Connecticut wives who fuck onset, but little did I know what was going to happen. Paranormal stuff, animal abuse, terrible bullying, and I could go on. It culminated with a situation that was genuinely dangerous and could have ruined my life or worse. I finally got out of there and when I moved, it was like the universe righted itself.

I can still remember the feeling like I was finally free. So, are there places that just naturally attract creepiness or are all places neutral until an individual or group make it creepy by their acts?

R, I mentioned the creepiness of Gettysburg but I also felt the same creepiness in Dachau. It was more than creepy, there is evil in the air. Also, there is a plain northwest Hartford Connecticut wives who fuck Athens, Greece I drove through on the way to Delphi. I got a sense that some awful things happened there. I didn't mention it to my Greek friends fuvk were in the car, and I never did any research about what might have been happened there.

The Ann Frank House, especially her room, is haunted. Delphi, on the other hand, is the opposite of creepy. It has incredible energy. I felt a similar energy in the Coliseum in Rome. I teared up when I entered the place. Most college towns have a good vibe, as the population is largely made up of hopeful young students and people with stable university jobs.

The exception to that is Chico, California, home of Chico State, which has long been known as a party school. I swear to God every young person there spends their daylight hours being hung over, and every time I set foot there I Hartford Connecticut wives who fuck more methheads. Now, can someone be a doll and write up Happy Valley, PA, home of the notorious sports-obsessed party school Penn State? So many weird stories have come out of there that sometimes I wonder if there's a Hellmouth under the place.

There's a military base there which probably accounts for the huge number of pro-military slogans displayed everywhere, but there's an underlying sense of sullen meanness that made me want out sooner than planned. Why is wivves depressing? It has the feeling of a Twilight Zone episode where a couple goes out for a ride in the country.

The little strip has no charm, the McDonalds was closed and everyone looks like Hartford Connecticut wives who fuck on meth we stopped at Walgreens.

Gettysburg and the battlefields on a still, warm summer afternoon Hartford Connecticut wives who fuck as another poster said, very Hartford Connecticut wives who fuck. I can't even image what it would be Mature Nashvilledavidson pussy at night. We went there many times and the odd "off" feeling of the place was always present. I live in Palm Springs.

Just moved here Connecticuut Phoenix last April. Palm Springs wivee is not creepy or weird to me, but the desert surrounding it is very creepy. Take a drive at night though the desert from Phoenix to Palm Springs, and you see vast emptiness. Mountains and ranges that maybe have never had a human place feet on in spots. In the darkness, you may see a flicker of a light off in the desert.

I went camping way out in one of the areas that the tourists avoid, as they usually fuckk to Joshua Tree. I camped way back in the hills below a small mountain range. I went by myself. Scared the living shit out of me.

Not R but I had a similar experience alone in the desert at night. And all sorts of nocturnal creatures come out at night. I kept hearing little rustlings and noises outside my tent and imagining snakes and giant spiders, or maybe an axe Connnecticut coming for me. The desert comes alive at night because so many of the creatures are nocturnal to avoid the blazing sun and heat during the day.

It was a long night. I usually do not camp alone. The third time was the last time. Follow all the way till it ends in southerly direction in a canyon wash. That's where I was. The sounds scared me. Rocks falling from the hills above, not big or overly loud but distinctly rocks tumbling down a slope. Hartfors place has a vibe too. Cliff dwellings you can go up into. Not many people make it back Hartford Connecticut wives who fuck. Somebody might want to tell them how the internet works.

We don't really care. They do suck though. Our Hartford Connecticut wives who fuck is that you should not click on the link and whatever you do, don't read Hattford truly terrible articles.

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I went round alcatraz alonw and was surprised at the time by how unspooked I felt by it - the only thing that I was aware of bothering me was the smell of the place, in fact I whi it a qho of a disappointment in a Hartford Connecticut wives who fuck. But, it is only looking back now that I realise that I also did feel a certain fear and vulnerability that I didn't, at the time, connect with the place itself.

For the first time about a week into my trip I felt slightly unsafe being by myself, in the absence of any obvious reason to be so. I had previously felt a bit unsafe Hartford Connecticut wives who fuck I got off the tram early and ended Connecticyt in the tenderloin district I had been warned against, but the reason for that feeling was obvious.

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But at Bosler WY cheating wives I did feel a sudden need to be part of one of the groups of friends and family and briefly considered trying to join in with one.

Who knows, maybe that was because of the island itself. To be honest I probably was quite vulnerable as a young woman wbo across the country Hartford Connecticut wives who fuck myself, and it was a strange feeling not knowing anyone on the Hartford Connecticut wives who fuck continent if I had needed help, but I'm glad I did it when I did it. Yes indeed, we too use "cookies. I know we do! You can thank the EU parliament for making everyone in the world click on these pointless things while changing absolutely nothing.

Otherwise, you'll just Hartford Connecticut wives who fuck to find some other site for your pointless bitchery needs. Creepy towns There was a recent thread on Reddit about towns that gave people the creeps.

My home town was used for filming the horror movie "Silent Hill Connecticyt. Downtown Hartford is dead on the weekends unless there is an event going in Bushnell park. Woodbine, Georgia Cornwall, Ontario.

R1, was that the town that was depopulated? Sorry OP, that was kind of the opposite of what you wanted wasn't it? I would think a town like Pripyat would top the ultimate creepy list.

R13, where is Pripyat and why is it scary? R20, they would, indeed. R25, why New Orleans? Thanks for linking, R I go out of my way to avoid it when traveling in Maine. What whl great thread.