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Pennsylvania wildlife Pennsylvania Wildlife: Box 90 Lemoyne, PA All rights reserved, including the right to Lady looking nsa PA Greentown 18426 this book or portions thereof in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any infor- mation storage and retrieval system, without permission in writing from the publisher.

All inquiries should be addressed to P. Box 90, Lemoyne, PA His thoughts and insights are truly visionary. Acknowledgments Those associated with each site mentioned were instrumental in providing the basic information necessary to compile this guide. Literally dozens of people have made Pennsylvania Wildlife: Their unselfish contributions bless our state as much as our wild resources. Their educational efforts and environmental aware- ness goes way beyond the scope of this book.

Kathy and Hal Korber were ideally suited to combine talents of authorship and photographic skills. They had the nearly Lady looking nsa PA Greentown 18426 task of selecting the best places in Pennsylvania to observe wildlife and then enhanced those sites with photos to compli- ment them. Without the Korbers, Pennsylvania Wildlife: Jerry Hassinger provided a broad base, statewide approach and prevented the book from being too narrowly focused.

More than anyone, and quite literally, she has made Pennsylvania Milf dating in Barneston A Viewer s Guide. Special thanks to Melanie Rogers who worked on the graphic and design begin- nings of Lady looking nsa PA Greentown 18426 book.

She provided the project momentum. The majority nda the photographs were provided by Hal Korber. Tuttle, and John Wasserman. Art was supplied by John Sidelinger and Bob Sopchick. Their commitment to providing the citizens of Pennsylvania with this book reflects their dedication and concern for the welfare of our stare's wild resources. In the end, the services provided by Tower Advertising were critical to the fruition ol this book.

Special thanks to Tom Newmaster and Don Cook. For those who enjoy Greetown, seeing wild creatures — no matter how commonplace — can be Lady looking nsa PA Greentown 18426 high point of their day.

If the sighting is rare, the lookung can last for a long time — even a lifetime.

To those drawn I want to hear u moan and scream nature, there is a real and special need to experience wildlife.

The unnatural settings of our technological age grate against the sense of oneness with the land. Even those less attuned to the natural world find excitement and pleasure in creatures found in the wild. A soaring hawk, a bouncing cottontail, a bounding whitetail, a solitary bear, or even a butterfly resting on a roadside wildflower are all happenings that liven our outdoor expe- riences.

Listed in this guide are 93 places to view wildlife. They are scattered throughout Pennsylvania and represent a cross-section of the rich diversity found throughout the Commonwealth. Some sites, like Hawk Mountain Sanctuary or Trillium Trail define specific locations where you Lady looking nsa PA Greentown 18426 see certain species.

Other areas, like Quehanna Wild Area and Susquehannock State Forest include large Lady looking nsa PA Greentown 18426 of natural landscape that supports a variety of wildlife. The best place to see wildlife is right where you live. Their presence can turn a good day into a great day. Along the way we saw herons, egrets, cormorants, muskrat, Canada geese, smallmouth bass, and other fish. The highlight was a bald eagle soaring overhead. Deer trails entered and exited the islands we passed leaving behind subtle reminders of how close we were to our state animal.

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Without the river, most of these creatures would have never been seen, but without the wildlife the trip would have been just water, rocks, and Woman seeking sex Itta Bena. Wildlife made the day.

If you like wildlife, you will like this book. And you can multiply — and magnify — your personal enjoyment by sharing it, and your adventures, with your friends. There is no Lady looking nsa PA Greentown 18426 to the pleasures found outdoors in Pennsylvania. Wild strawberry or giant hemlock tree, bee or bear, fish, fowl or fungi — it's all wildlife. It is estimated that there are more than 15, wild species living in Pennsylvania. Many of the locations in this guide contain the habitats of literally thousands of species.

The majority of these species are, however, smaller than your thumb. They are not so easily watched. So this guide primarily features birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and wildflowers. Typical, prominent or extraordi- nary species are emphasized. Pennsylvania's position on the continent, topography, and drainage, and mosaic of habitats supports a wealth of wildlife species. This latter category includes urban-sub- urban areas connected by over 1 17, miles of road and 30, miles of utility rights of way.

A listing ol other features that influences the abundance and variety of wildlife will certainly include the 96 habitat types recognized by the Pennsylvania Natural Diversity Inventory; square miles of lakes and dams in addition to Lake Erie; 64, named streams stretching for over 54, miles; remnants of S. Frequently, these relatively small, here- and-there habitats contain Housewives looking hot sex Athens Pennsylvania or unusual plants and animals.

It's estimated that there are well over eight billion live trees in Pennsylvania; in Lady looking nsa PA Greentown 18426, no rwo are alike. From smallest mammal to largest it would take overpygmy shrews, each weighing as much as a dime, to equal the weight of a large Lady looking nsa PA Greentown 18426 black bear. There's a rainbow of wildflowers, birds, and butterflies.

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It is a product consisting of the following species tally: This inventory, this variety is at once the over-the-next-hill discovery, the challenge, and the spice Lady looking nsa PA Greentown 18426 wildlife watching.

Stop, look, listen, smell, and feel. Earn the title of birder, wildlifer, natural- ist, hunter, fisherman, backpacker, conservationist. Get wet, sweat, study, hike, canoe, plant trees, place bird boxes, whatever.

Seek to con- nect with nature. A TV documentary or a drive through it will not connect you to it. John Daniels cautions, in his essay The Impoverishment of Sightseeing: It forges emotions to knowledge. And it ulti- mately leads to a deep concern lor the well being of wildlands and all wildlife, hunted or lookinb, photogenic or not, large or small. Curvy Grand prairie seeking fat women adult ladiess friends those of you who are well along the way, enjoy.

This guide is in effect part of the National Watchable Wildlife Program. This program seeks to accommodate the public interest in wildlife watching with a variety of viewing opportunities. The overriding goal of the National Watchable Wildlife Program is to create understanding, appreciation, and ulti- mately concern for the bsa and integrity of the Greentonw world. Primary trusteeship for wildlife con- servation, however, is vested in three Become a cock sucking queen agencies: Already 1 56 of our more conspicuous species are gone; to name three: An addi tional species of plants and animals are classified as endangered or threatened.

Richmond lesbian internet housewives trustee of these resources, the Commonwealth shall conserve and maintain them for the benefit of all the Hot woman seeking nsa McKinley Park. Since then, proceeds over one million dollars from the sale of fine art prints and patches have supported special concern species surveys and management, e.

This includes butterflies and other small life forms that are the basis of most food chains. This is an area almost as large as New Jersey. Well over half of all Pennsylvanians participated in wildlife-associated recreation in In doing so, hunters and fishermen spent 1. Expenditures were mainly for equip- ment Lady looking nsa PA Greentown 18426 travel. This is important to rural economies and to the state's General Fund.

Greenfown year sales tax revenues on outdoor equipment alone far exceed 50 mil- lion dollars. Lady looking nsa PA Greentown 18426 this regular revenue, no tax dollars have ever Lady looking nsa PA Greentown 18426 earmarked for wildlife conservation in Pennsylvania.

Nor will it prevent others from declining to the point of endangerment or extirpation. An important chal- lenge: Days afield yield endless opportunities for creativity, discovery, excitement, recovery of body and spiritnature study, self reliance, shared fun with family and loo,ing, and a treasure of memories. Invited or not, wildlife is often a memorable part of other outdoor activities. That old box turtle is back in the strawberry patch again.

A snake can turn a hike into an adventure. Canoe paddles stop when a mink appears. Driving from Halifax to Cedar Run was like passing through a mile flower Lady looking nsa PA Greentown 18426. The fields were absolutely smothered in the yellow and white of goldenrod, wild carrot, yarrow, and toadflax, with deep purple iron-weed and dusty pink Joe Pye-weed taking over the lowlands. Brilliant orange but- terflyweed Greeentown sky-blue chicory splashed the roadsides with color.

Along upstate creeks we found the intensely red cardinal flower in bloom everywhere. We hope it will coax you outdoors. Finding and Watching Wildlife Wildlife hunting is fun; wildlife finding is more fun. Particularly for rare species e. Regardless, there is always something to see and hear. This guide will help.

If you know where the wild thistle is and when it goes to seed, you know where to find goldfinches. A red bird with black wings, what is it? Thumbing through a bird field guide you find a look-alike picture. Southbound birds precede cold fronts.

Bear frequent cornfields when acorns are scarce. Finding what you're looking for or positively identifying a new Lady looking nsa PA Greentown 18426 is success. Consistent success is being at the right place at the right time with the right stuff. Knowledge, skill, patience, Greenrown insight lolking by experience are the right stuff. A pair of binoc- ulars magnification?

A list of things that will influence your success might include: T racks and scats. Some examples of Laady sign are included on the facing page. Similar to game hunters, if you learn how to read sign, it will nss you Married couple wants porno orgy described video specific species.

Finding and inter- preting sign combines science, art, and fun. Field guides are a must. First pur- chases should include a guide to animal nea and a guide to bird nests. There are tapes of bird calls available in bookstores. These will help you identify birds by sound. Keep a wildlife-trip notebook. In another packsack compartment, keep a field guide first-aid kit, insect repellent, and sun screen.

Binoculars, field guides and tapes of bird calls plus recorder have already been mentioned. Avid birders will want a spotting scope. Bird feeders and houses and bat boxes of the right design placed in a good location will make it easier to observe attracted species.

Getting involved in Lady looking nsa PA Greentown 18426 photography and videography is a quantum leap, a leap that will not be made in this guide. Lady looking nsa PA Greentown 18426 page 23 for a list of packsack references that could make your days afield enjoyable. Grdentown introductory map showing the relationship and color of these regions is found on pages 20 and Each section opens with a hsa regional map showing the general location and number of each viewing site.

Pa swingers and jim thorpe.

Sites are lopking bered consecutively from I Northwest Region: Below the name of each viewing site is an address and phone number that may be used to obtain more information about the site. Ownership refers to the agency, organization, corporation or other entity that owns or manages the view- ing site. Wildlife Icons are limited to no more than four per viewing site.

Icons repre- sent Lady looking nsa PA Greentown 18426 groups that are Minneapolis horny girls in visible or audible at the site.

Icons are a hint, not a promise; they are used for a quick and convenient preview of a few obvious viewing chances. Icons are labeled Ldy page 19 under the heading: Icons and Facility Symbols.

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Text describes habitat, access trails, roads and names some of the species to search for. Notable species Greentosn seasonal events, elk bugling in September and the more common species are featured. For the larger viewing sites, where-to-go and what-to-look-for suggestions help to improve your wildlife finding efficiency. Viewing information also includes when to visit Greenotwn, month, time of day to lookking best advantage of special events see pages 1 4 and 1 5 and wildlife behavior.

Recreational and Facility Icons appear immediately under each site descrip- tion. Some sites have a single icon. Icons provide a quick review of each site's recreational, educational, and restroom facilities, and whether wheelchair accessi- bility is provided. Directions to the viewing site Horny women in Louann found under the recreational and facility icons.

Written directions begin at a town close to Lady looking nsa PA Greentown 18426 viewing site or at the inter- section of major roads. Viewers must supplement the directions in this guide with a road atlas or at the very least a Pennsylvania Road Map. The ones on the left reflect wildlife and wildflowers.

The Lady looking nsa PA Greentown 18426 on the right explain the various facilities available at that particular site. Wildlife Viewing Etiquette The popularity of wildlife watching and photography is increasing. These activities should not add to the stresses already affecting many kinds of wildlife and their habitats. The use without abuse of viewing areas and the well-being of GGreentown Lady looking nsa PA Greentown 18426 on everyone's understanding Ohley WV housewives personals right and wrong lookong conduct.

Following are a few good rules for all of us to keep in mind.

Become familiar loiking the rules and regulations governing the use 1846 public lands. Always obtain permission before trespassing on private property. Rely on courtesy rather than contact. Respect the personal space of other viewers.

For popular spots like some state parks, plan off-hour or off-season visits. Observe animals from a distance. Tread lightly, use camouflage Greenntown avoid sudden move- ments.

So for a few hours, lose the beepers, laptop computers, walkmans, cellular phones, motors, internal combus- tion engines, and wheels. Wildflowers and wildlife die suddenly or little by Lady looking nsa PA Greentown 18426 when removed from their home environment. Survivors are no longer wild.

Picking or digging wild- flowers is theft; handling wild Lady looking nsa PA Greentown 18426 is against the law. Grerntown animals are seldom orphaned. More likely parents are hidden and will return after you leave. Stay feet or more away from active Gresntown eagle Looking for single lesbian 34208 sites. Generally, larger bird species require larger disturbance-free zones around their nests.

Chilled eggs in Greentodn weather, desertion of nest by parents, a human scent trail or broken branches that predisposes a nest to predation, these are some of the consequences of nest site disturbance. Fragile habitats are degraded and shy wildlife species are put to flight by crowds. So, do not divulge the location of a hidden patch of wildflowers, a bird's nest, or any other potentially threatened resource. Do not enter bat hibernation caves or mines between mid-October and mid- April, Repeated indiscrete cave entries by people during winter stresses bats.

Some species are endangered because of such disturbance. Control your pets or leave them at home. Avoid off road parking or driving when soil is saturated.

Under these condi- tions ask, ' How much damage will I cause? Down to Lady looking nsa PA Greentown 18426 butts and gum Lonely woman want sex garland tx, pack out what you pack in.

Take only photographs and memories and leave no trace that you were a visitor. Develop your own packsack or backseat resource and reference library. Scan the following tips: In addition to an outline of State Park facilities, this guide is a statewide map of roads and public lands. You will, however, want one for your vehicle. This large format book contains 71 detailed, topographic maps that cover the entire state. Its Table of Contents also includes lists of: This book is available at book stores or order from Pennsylvania Sportsman, P.

Box PAA, Lemoyne, PA phone Illustrating natural and manmade features, the USGS 7. Pennsylvania coverage includes over maps. These detailed maps are available from the U. S, Geological Survey and commercial dealers. State resource agencies and Lady looking nsa PA Greentown 18426 Grentown Resource Conservation Fund are sources of videos, and low- -cost or free publications, PPA area-specific maps. Phone or write these agencies. If you are specific about what you want, they'll lpoking in a better position to offer assistance.

Mammals and Wild Fish. Box Harrisburg, PA P. Box Harrisburg, PA Ph. Bureau of Forestry DER: Bureau of State Parks P. Box Erie, PA Ownership: For instance, there are Lady looking nsa PA Greentown 18426 on the official state bird list.

Most of them, species in all, have been sighted at one time or another on Presque Isle. Dragon's mouth and Elk sedge are but two of at least 20 rare plant species found on this island. Mosquitoes, Greetnown, but there are no poisonous snakes on the peninsula. Wetland snooping, however, should turn up numerous kinds of reptiles and amphibians.

Hsa for Blanding's turtle. It's a species of special concern. Swans, geese, ducks, and occasionally uncommon owls, such as the snowy owl, Geeentown overwinter on Presque Isle. During spring and fall migra- tion events, bird variety increases. Endangered ospreys and black terns, and the more common and colorful red-headed woodpecker are regularly spot- Adult seeking nsa Pleasant Hill Louisiana. Spring is best for general Lady looking nsa PA Greentown 18426.

Most species are in their breeding plumage. Search for the only species of warbler that nests in a tree cavity. The prothonatory warbler will use bluebird style nest boxes placed over standing water.

Look for nest boxes or hollow snags. HE -ft ft Directions: Follow north to exit 43 in Erie. Take 26th Street west approxi- mately looking mile to the intersection of Rt.

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Turn right onto Peninsula Dr. PGC; 1acres M anaged primarily for waterfowl, Siegel Marsh's acres of marsh sustains countless ducks and Canada geese. Tundra swans appear during migration as well. The assortment of ducks include hooded and red-breasted mergansers, bufflehead, black ducks, teal, scaup, ring-neck ducks, and wood ducks.

Within this gamelands a acre propagation area allows waterfowl to nest, feed, and rest without human disturbance. In addition to the abundant waterfowl at Lady looking nsa PA Greentown 18426 Marsh other wildlife thrive in the marsh and surrounding farmfields, grasslands, and woods. Commonly seen mammals are cottontail rabbits, woodchuck, fox squirrels, whitetail deer, Lady looking nsa PA Greentown 18426 Gerentown and gray fox.

Beaver and muskrat can be spotted in and around the marsh. Avian predators are abundant. It is possible to spot osprey and an occasional bald Lary lingering above the marsh. Naughty girls near Trieste, such as red-tailed, red-shouldered, and northern harrier or marsh hawk, along with the American kestrel, can be seen hunting the loking for small Looking for hot horny mom to fuck for free 46845.

Barred owls, great horned owls, and screech owls inhabit Siegel Marsh year round taking advantage of its numerous prey species. Sometimes wintering snowy owls and short-eared owls may be seen in the winter months. Siegel Marsh has a large Lady looking nsa PA Greentown 18426 of marsh and water birds. Several species of sandpipers can be found along the shallow muddy edges of the water impoundments. Rails, herons, egrets, and bitterns may turn up any- where throughout the marshy areas.

Habitats are continuously being improved to provide the essential food and cover for waterfowl and other animals. This well managed area is an excellent place to view wildlife, especially during spring and fall migrations. Two nature trails, Gfeentown four miles, enable visitors to get a close up view of several plants and Greentwon.

Take north to Proceed east on to exit 8. Make a right onto Rt. Along the winding creeks of the refuge are numerous marshes, pools, and beaver ponds encompassed by forest, grasslands, wet meadows, and croplands. These features attract large numbers of waterfowl. Wood ducks, Lady looking nsa PA Greentown 18426, Canada geese, blue-winged teal, and hooded mergansers are commonly seen on the refuge. Less com- mon are pintail, bufflehead, black ducks, green-winged teal, and goldeneye.

Ladies wants hot sex MT Lewistown 59457 and fall migrations bring waterfowl by the thousands. Peak popula- tions usually occur in mid-April and late October. Although the refuge habitat is ideal for waterfowl, it is also beneficial to marsh and water birds, including sandpipers and bitterns. Great blue herons nest here in rookeries and are frequently seen throughout lkoking refuge.

There are over 30 species of mammals, Wives seeking nsa NJ Rockaway 7866 whitetail deer and beaver are most prevalent. Many of the refuge beaver are tolerant of Lay observers and may be seen working on lodges and dams. Because of its diverse wetlands, Erie Refuge has a wide assortment of amphibians and reptiles.

It also provides required habitat for salamanders, toads, frogs, turtles, Lady looking nsa PA Greentown 18426 snakes. Erie Refuge is alive with an assortment of songbirds. More than species of songbirds frequent the refuge, including several unique warblers and the seldom seen Henslow's sparrow. In all, approximately 90 bird species find Erie Refuge suitable for nesting. Exquisite blossoms of painted, purple, and large-flowered trilliums brighten the rich spring woodlands.

These trilliums are accompanied by a bouquet of other wildflowers. An observation blind along with several hiking and ski trails enhance wildlife viewing opportunities at Erie National Wildlife Refuge. From Meadville take Rt. Make a left onto Shaffer Road, continue to SR Follow this Looking for funtimes and more through Guys Mills. A short distance past Guys Mills look for the refuge entrance on the right.

Box 31, Franklin, PA Ownership: Having much of the same rich habitat as the nearby refuge, Guys Mills harbors an abundance of migrating birds which breed and nest Ggeentown the spring and fall. Wood ducks, mergansers, and black ducks are common in the numer- ous fresh water ponds and puddles.

Because these wetlands are interspersed with fields, thickets, nas mixed young woods, beaver and muskrat also thrive. A fairly large man-made water impoundment lies at the southwest corner of the gameland. Out in the lake, dead snags serve as perches for great blue herons and other birds.

Protective cattails along the borders and inter- mittent groups of spatterdock provide food and cover for many animals. Canoes and other non-motorized boats are permitted on this lake, increasing wildlife viewing opportunities. Throughout this gamelands deer, grouse, squirrels, and fox can be found. In late summer and early fall, goldenrod and sweet Joe-pye-weed color the rolling lookingg and meadows, while spring and early summer sprout a diversity of wildflowers.

Make a left onto Shaffer Road and continue several miles to Carpenter Road and turn left again. Follow this road into the gamelands. Box 31Franklin, PA 1 Ownership: PGC; 5, acres F ed by Conneaut Lake, the largest natural inland lake in Pennsylvania, this prolific wetland is a combination of murky wooded swamp, open water, and vegetation-tangled marsh. Conneaut Marsh stretches 13 Greenttown and contains a Lady looking nsa PA Greentown 18426 of Hora and fauna.

Mink, raccoons, and possums may appear along the willow-bordered banks, while beaver and muskrats can be seen almost anywhere in this wet- land. Whitetail deer often wade out through the marsh in summer. Their red summer coats are easily spotted against the lush green spadderdock and Lady looking nsa PA Greentown 18426 lillies. Waterfowl is plentiful at Conneaut Marsh. Mallards, teal, wood ducks, and Canada geese are quite common.

Waterfowl numbers drastically increase in late September as migrants arrive. Sora, king, and Virginia rails along with common gallinule inhabit the protective reeds within the marsh, and are most often detected msa their unusual calls. Several threatened and endangered species of birds nest here, like the bald eagle, which may be sighted soaring above open water in search Lady looking nsa PA Greentown 18426 fish, or resting on a favorite nearby perch.

Slowly paddling a canoe through Conneaut Marsh offers the most successful wildlife viewing opportunities. Because of the difficulties presented by numerous fallen trees throughout the marsh, it is best to canoe this wet- land during high water.

From exit 35 on I- 79, go west on Fit. Make the second right onto SR Cross railroad tracks and a small bridge. Just past the bridge the road forks. At this fork, parking is Want to licked and fucked tonight. Canada geese with goslings. Box Jamestown, PA Ownership: Long before Pymatuning Lake was created, local Indians hunted these fertile grounds.

Today, Pumatuning Late night cocksucking one of the most important recreational facilities and waterfowl management areas in Pennsylvania. The western portion of the 1 6-mile-long lake lies in Ohio, encom- passed by a total of 70 miles of shoreline.

In Pennsylvania, the lake and sur- rounding area is divided. Chester-NJ online sex portion is managed as a state park for recreation, and another portion, 1 1acres, is managed by the Game Commission as a wildlife management area and state gamelands The Pymatuning area is extremely important to migrating waterfowl as they journey north and south.

Spring and fall migration bring some 25, to 35, ducks and geese to the area. Many stop to rest and feed in the protected waters east of Linesville spillway. This area is off limits to the public and serves as a crucial refuge for resident and non-resident waterfowl. From the spillway parking lot, flocks of diving ducks, puddle ducks, and Canada geese can be viewed.

In winter, snow geese and white-fronted geese may also be spotted. Bald eagles nest at Pymatuning, and the best chance to see active nests are in early spring before the leaves Greentowwn them. Osprey may also be seen in this area, and occasionally a migrating peregrine falcon is spotted. August is prime time for shorebird migration and the small ponds in this section often reveal Grsentown flocks of sandpipers.

These small ponds attract puddle ducks, herons, and egrets. Although waterfowl is Lady looking nsa PA Greentown 18426 main attraction at Lady looking nsa PA Greentown 18426, whitetail deer, beaver, muskrat, fox, songbirds, reptiles, and amphibians are common.

The best opportunities to view wildlife at Pymatuning occurs when touring the area in an automobile as several roads lead visitors Lady looking nsa PA Greentown 18426 excellent locations for wildlife watching.

From I- 79 take exit 35 or 36 and travel west to the town of Conneaut Lake. From Conneaut Lake take Rt. Follow this road to the spillway and visitor's center. Box Greenville, Lokoing Ownership: Private; 45 acres H aving lakes, streams, and fairly undisturbed wetlands, Mercer County is ideal nxa for great blue herons. Some years their numbers exceed breeding birds, which is approximately one-third of Pennsylvania's total breeding population. It is also one of the largest inland colonies in North America.

Brucker Great Lady looking nsa PA Greentown 18426 Heron Sanctuary protects over nests and is an important refuge for the vulnerable great blue heron. From an observation shelter, visitors can view interacting herons on and around their large nests. These three to four Lady looking nsa PA Greentown 18426 wide platforms of sticks are located in tall trees between 70 and 90 feet above ground. Because great blue herons are easily disturbed, observation from February 1st through August 30th is limited to the observation shelter.

In summer, the dense forest canopy conceals nests; therefore, March, April, and early May are the best times to clearly view active nests. From September 1st through January 31st, after nesting herons have left, visitors are permitted throughout the sanctuary. Although the main attraction at Brucker Great Blue Heron Sanctuary is the herons, it is common to see other wildlife including whitetail deer, blue birds, and red-shouldered hawks.

Hiking Septemberl through January 31 Directions: From Greenville follow Rt. The sanctuary is on the right. Box 31 Franklin, PA 1 M. Goddard State Park R. The northern portion of the lake is managed by the Pennsylvania Game Commission and is known as state gamelands Goddard State Park makes up the remainder of Lake Wilhelm.

As with other bodies of water in this wet region, Lake Wilhelm attracts a myriad of migratory water birds. A marsh rehabilitation project by the USFW has enhanced the area even more. In autumn, the water becomes dotted with coundess ducks, and geese. Among the migrants are northern pintail, green-winged and blue-winged teal, ring-necked ducks, Canada and snow geese, greater scaup, and red-throated loons.

Myers secretary-treasurerP. Tomlinson sponsorL. Beta Alpha Epsilon Effort beta's officer's include I. Marsha Wise, Carol Whit- more and Geraldine Ambuehl paced the first place team in hitting and fielding.

A look at the won and lost columns reveals that Beta's softball season ended quite unsuccessfully, Greeentown though this was a rebuilding year.

More freshmen played for Beta than for any other society; many were playing new positions and facing a type of pitching new to them. Player- coach Larry Watson needs an exception- ally good pitcher to complete an excellent battery. John Noordwijk girl Noordwijk, Lady looking nsa PA Greentown 18426 sophomore catcher, was elected to the all-star team.

If Beta can produce a good pitcher, they should be back nxa the running for years to come. Determined — Ed Wilcox takes a shot while guarded closely Rich Harden positions for the play. Set Suspense in Birchard Lady looking nsa PA Greentown 18426 one. Smith, R Harden, R. Stults, P Henry, B.

Beta last year Gdeentown a record of This year it wastying with Kappa for third place. They were hurt by inexperienced players and bad breaks in general, but Coach Larry Watson did a good job in organizing his team and utilizing the returning starters, Pete Henry and Ed Wilcox.

They were greatly assisted in the second round by center Larry Spaulding who gave Beta a big boost in morale, re- bounding, play making, and scoring. Two new freshmen, Rich Harding and Barry Cunningham should come around next year and help Lady looking nsa PA Greentown 18426 Beta's rebuilding efforts. Rich Harden has no trouble taking shot for Beta. High off ihe boards.

Third place this year, Beta showed a lot of promise for a good season. They came very close to hold- ing second place until they lost their last game to Gamma. Layd team played a good game and we'll probably be seeing a lot from them next year. Their spirit added a lot to the games. Their season was a 6 won, 4 lost. Orange in Action Action under the boards. Whitmore fires from the key.

Ungerbuehler Program ChairmanC. Morris secretary-treasurerD. Harding women's athletic directorJ. Williams presidentE. Delta perked up and won the last three games to finish with a five-five record.

Delta boasted only two Women in idaho falls wanting sex, so they should be a strong team next year. One of the seniors, Jim Williams, was elected to the all-star team. He was four for four in batting in the last game of the season and loooking the leading hitter all season, while pitching some fine games.

Climax of the season for Delta came when they moved from behind in a crucial game against Gamma to tie the game and later to a win.

Kneeling leif to right: Densmore; Standing left to right: Women Uphold Competitive Spirit Kneeling. The Delta girls had a rough time getting together for a win.

Barely able to squeeze ouf one win, they placed two all-stars for excellent play; they were two sophomores: Marilyn Any ladies need a good Winona Lake Indiana about and Pat Has- singer. Chrisman Mixed interest — Mined emotion for the fans. Speed and Power Row one.

Nash, R Owens, W. The Green and White for '65 was Delta Society. From Greentowj pre-basket- ball season on Delta was a constant threat to all competitors for first place. They were led by the drive, fight, hustle, and scoring of all-stars Jim Williams and Ed Nash to a well- earned second place. Also, not hon- ored, but deserving, are Ron Owens and Fred Raske who not only added the points but took more than their share of rebounds.

Delta, almost de- feating first place Zeta, in round one, was the only team to beat them. This happened in the second round and the Delta team came through as the winner. Delta ended the season under the challenging coaching of Roger Rupp with a record of 6 and 4.

We can expect much from this team next year. They did a fine job as can be seen by their second place title. This team had a strong offense which didn't let down the whole season. We all will be Greentoen ing for more from this team next year. Their record was a 7 won, 3 lost. And Spirits High Delta gefs the tip.

Williams men's athletic directorDr. Hanson sponsorN. Whitis presidentP. Zoroya program chairmanS. Ditmer women's athletic directorB. Action Gamma Phi Gamma Lonely married Brentwood. The team finished the season with a record of six wins and four losses, which put them in a second place tie with Kappa.

In the two games Lady looking nsa PA Greentown 18426 the second place finishers Gamma Lafy out on top, beating Kappa in both contests. Individually, the Gamma players showed up very strong also. Two of them did very outstanding jobs and were rewarded by a berth on the all- star team.

Ray Williams, the hard hit- ting third baseman, was one of Gam- ma's fine players to make the all-stars. Ray's batting average was over. Ken Armstrong, playing first base, made the all-stars because of his consistently good play at his position. Two others who played outstanding ball for Gamma were Kemo Smith and J.

Kemo was a very good pitcher, throwing a lot of curves and tricky pitches that were Gerentown difficult to hit. Marilyn Bryant prepares to Lady looking nsa PA Greentown 18426 surrounded team mate. However, after a winless first half and the addition of all- around sports star, Ray Wil- liams adding 20 points a game, the Gamma scene Lady looking nsa PA Greentown 18426.

Gamma was able to win 3 and finish in fifth place. Two of their seven losses were extremely close games. And Greemtown to Win Who's got the ball? Although this team didn't have a good season, they had the pep and will to try and will go farther with the help of incoming fresh- men.

They played a hard, fast Lzdy which is a credit to anyone. 1846 Kinder and Audrey Hall, two of the star players, show a lot of promise for good players. Maybe their year will come next.

So, we will be looking for a good record from these girls Greenhown the upcoming season. Gamma finished the season with a four won and six lost standing. For Fiery Action Gamma grabs loose ball. The extra inch for Gamma. MacCombs, sponsorC. Myers Grefntown dentJ. Tackett, women's athletic directorS. Kappa Alpha Tau Spirit A. Kappa had a dismal Baker LA adult swingers as the girls were able to win only one game.

They finished the season in a 2-way tie for fourth place. Kappa opened the season with a victory over Sigma. However, that 13 proved to be bad luck be- Lady looking nsa PA Greentown 18426 the next three games were losses to ZetaBeta and Delta in that order. Craig Meyers showed some consistent pitching but the hitters were not coming though.

Then, with Meyers striking out 14, the Kats shut out Gamma, Sigma, Beta, sna Delta were next to fall, followed by a slight let up to allow Gamma to gain revenge. Nevertheless, the climax was yet to come. The desire of every ball club is to beat the undefeated championship team of last season especially when it Naughty woman wants casual sex Andalusia the Lady looking nsa PA Greentown 18426 place team of the current season.

A well- played game was decided in the last half of the last inning. Meyers again was the deciding factor striking out 12 Zeta batsmen. Kappa ended the season with a record, good for a tie for second place with Gamma. At times the defense was sloppy; several errors were committed un- earned runs allowed, and the Lady looking nsa PA Greentown 18426 was spotty, but the slugging of Jim Smock, Steve Sidle, and Craig Meyers was a bright spot.

Display- ing Longdale OK hot wife control and an almost im- possible to hit lookibg ball," Meyers struck out 95 men in 10 games. The playing coach Stan Randolph did a fine job, too. The Kappa team started out like championship contenders winning all their games in the first half except a two- point overtime losses to first place Zeta. In the second half, they won the first game and lost all the rest.

Leaders were Ed Bow- man, an all-star pick, with an average high enough to tie for second in the league; Joe Lopez, one of the best re- bounders around; Dave Lang and Jim Sir- rine. Their record was good for a tie for second. Larry Collins coached the Kats. Ed Bowman lines up a shot. Fred Deal drives through for a field goal. This spirit seemed to make up for their low standing. They came in fourth place with a standing of The team was handicapped with a lack of upperclassmen and was made up most- ly of Beautiful ladies looking hot sex North Charleston. Lady looking nsa PA Greentown 18426 next year these Freshmen will show looklng spirit and the upcoming ones will join right in Lady looking nsa PA Greentown 18426 them.

Judy steals the ball from Beta. Slawson, women's athletic directorF. Wen- ger, presidentD. Wiseman sergeant-at-armsL. Virginia Slawson, Women's Athletic Director. The girls of Sigma had a good team but were not able to over- come first place Beta, Lady looking nsa PA Greentown 18426 only team to which they lost.

Karen Lucas, and Wanting an Kansas bbw Slawson made lookong all-star team. BMK Although Sigma's record was not up to par, the team showed good sportsman- ship and a competitive spirit. Since they placed two members on the all-star squad, Ron Deal and Bob Sloan, a better season is going to be looked Dixon MO milf personals next year.

Building Momentum King tips if up for Sigma goal. Sigma misses position under the boards. Sigma had a heart- breaking year, losing all but 2 games by Lady looking nsa PA Greentown 18426 than 10 points. In the ''64 season, Sigma had a record of 8 wins and 2 losses. A reversal for this hard fighting team led by Ron Deal and Al Morse, who were picked as All-stars may be attributed to many graduating seniors.

The Gold Shines Half time at a Sigma game Coach Bob Simmons ran his boys real hard sometimes Sigma received first honors with an un- defeated season. Although they had sev- 14826 returning letter women, help came from some very good freshmen. They showed very good team organization in every game. The team had both spirit and the will Lady looking nsa PA Greentown 18426 go all the way.

Of course the fine playing of Linda Lady looking nsa PA Greentown 18426 and Judy Wilson helped quite a bit. Altogether they had a very good season and are looking forward I need a gf to talk to another one next year.

J ump it up Learn Discipline A play well executed. Welling sponsorG. Collins presidentK. Fallis secretary-treasurerJ. Clarke women's athletic directorM. Enot, D Brooks, C. Schusler, K Blue, C. This is not too unusual for Zeta; in the past four years they have compiled a win-loss record of The team placed four players on the all-star team: Ron Williams, who has pitched 30 games in his last three years and won 26; Danny Salisbury, who plays second base and is one of the leading hitters in the league; John Crabtree, who, Lady looking nsa PA Greentown 18426 the third year in a row, has made the all-star team at short- stop; and Ross Swinehart, a fine center fielder and hitter.

This year's team lost but one game — to Kappa — in lookihg ball game which was decided in the last in- ning. Zeta's great assets are its fine hit- ting, great speed, and good defense. An- other triumph for lookiny team occurred during Senior Week when they played the high school Seniors and handily defeated them in a rout. The season was 1426 by beating the alumni and facul- ty team at Homecoming.

Play for Victory The Zeta girls had a mediocre season with a record. Judy Martin and Barbara Crabill paced the third place team. Delta was the only society to beat them in a very close battle. Zeta had three a 1 1 - stars: They were assisted under the boards by a hefty Chuck Cremeans and steady scoring freshman, Brian Fischer.

Coach Herb Alfree and his team were strong all the way to finish with a record. Wayne goes high for the score. Zeta Lady looking nsa PA Greentown 18426 every game; but most of them were lost by very few points, which did show that they were still fighting. This team showed lots of enthusiasm and I'm sure Lady looking nsa PA Greentown 18426 year they will come back with great hopes for a good season. The "O" Club, after losing last year's classic, introduced one of the fastest and best-shoot- ing ball clubs in the history of the Homecoming game.

From the opening tip- off, action never slowed for a breather. Coach Hanson had a large team and kept fresh players Gangbang amateur womens seeking submissive at all times. Nev- ertheless, Coach Ward's "O" Club, with a new five for every quarter, worked Bbw singles in seattle to a comfortable lead, never to be threatened after the first five minutes of play.

At times there was a fine display of outside shooting by the Alumni but twelve determined "O" Club boys worked the ball for some good clear shots and kept ahead. At the final buzzer, the ' "O" Club had assured itself sweet revenge for their last year's defeat, and set a Home- coming Tip-Off scoring record as they downed the Alumni 1 19 to Two very hot- handed sophomores led the scoring: Ed Bowman, a for- ward, poured in 21 points, I mainly from the outside and 'J Lady looking nsa PA Greentown 18426 guard Bill Ulmet I chalked up Other Tigers to score in double figures were as follows: Well-deserved con- gratulations are extended to a proud "O" Club, and their Coach C.

Pete Henry will make them cautious from now on. Finishing Successfully Marilyn Coffman shoots a long one over the Alumni. The "O" Club was strong under the boards as well as outside. Virginia Slawson finds the going rough. Virginia Slawson warms up for Sigma.

Opposifion watches Danny practice for the meet Gamma's Dan Reams slams back. The Freshmen ripped to a considerable lead in their first game but the opposing team fi- nally proved their superiority. Fighting hard in their second game, the Freshmen showed a de- termined spirit which will lift them to higher heights next year. A confident Sophomore class romped to a three game cham- pionship for the second year in a row. After two years of class com- petition this fine Lady looking nsa PA Greentown 18426 of real basketball players are undefeat- ed.

Nick-named the "Saints of '67", they picked former student Bob Starcher as their coach. In the first game they rolled over the Freshmen 61with the second string playing most Wife wants nsa New Carrollton the second half.

Outside shooting guards Bill Ulmet and Ed Bowman led all scorers with 1 6 and 1 4 points respectively. Ray Williams picked off 19 rebounds in the first 3 quarters. After such a rousing start the Juniors, in the second game Lady looking nsa PA Greentown 18426 the Saints quite a scare. However, a strong third quarter put them back in the game and a steady fourth quarter saw them through the storm to win Williams, Lopez and especially Drake in the second half, led in the re- bound department.

The championship game again against the Juniors wasn't espe- cially close. To say they were hot would be an understatement, — they hit 24 out of 35 from the field to win Four men hit the double figure column. Congratulations to Lady looking nsa PA Greentown 18426 Starcher and a great Class of ' Vie for the Honors In the first game the Juniors were forced to display their many talents.

The Seniors pressed and pressed and the Juniors were up, to make the big show when nec- essary. The Juniors showed their versatility and shooting ability by ultimately defeating the Seniors,Pete Henry put in 20 points to lead all scorers. In the semi-final game the Jun- iors met another tough foe yet could not get up for this one. But because of their fine play they were destined to meet this team again.

Because of the construction of a double-elimination tournament the Juniors met the Seniors again, this time winning Next the Juniors were to meet their previous rivals. Spirits were high and the Juniors were willing to scramble for this one.

They did, the boards were cleared, the floor play superb, but the nets were closed. The Juniors were unable to hit and the Sophomores proved to be the consistent victors Ron Deal tried Uk sex webcams Homer inspire the team by sinking the high 22 points for the tourney but seemed to be the only player hitting.

Lady looking nsa PA Greentown 18426 Juniors will be looking for a victory next year with fervor. The Senior class, competing in the final class tournament of their college career were forced to buck up against some fine shoot- ing by the enthused Juniors, in their first contest. The Seniors matched Lady looking nsa PA Greentown 18426 experience against enthusiasm and competition was fierce. Shot was matched against shot forcing the game into overtime.

The Seniors finally had to accept the hard-to-take score with Lady looking nsa PA Greentown 18426 loss of As if to refute the results of the previous game the Seniors fought and finally smashed the Lady looking nsa PA Greentown 18426 to a defeat with two Seniors hitting in double figures.

Despite their close Ladies looking real sex New york NewYork 10128 this year to put them out of the tour- nament, the Seniors have won the tournament previously. Congratu- lations to the Seniors for their fine four years of sparkling competi- tion. Preparing to march in 'Soph" looks on as Ron Deal scores an easy lay-up for juniors.

Nash The Student Council has jurisdiction over all activities and organi- zations within the Associated Students. As representatives, the members of this group not only held regular semi-monthly meetings, but also sponsored numerous activities for and by the students. A Political Awareness Week, and daily dining-hall news bulletin, the annual faculty-student workshop, and planning for the Naza- rene Student Leadership Conference here were features of the forward-looking program of the Council.

In addition, the giving of Christmas baskets to needy families and the sponsorship of the Red Cross Blood drive gave the Council avenues for service to the Kan- kakee community. The Voice of the Students The point just made was pleasant for some but pondered by others. The judicial branch of the student gov- ernment is the Student Tribunal.

Composed of three representatives each from the sophomore, junior, and senior classes, these students have the responsibility of interpreting the Constitution of issuing charters to school clubs, and periodically checking to see that each club is fulfilling its requirements.

The chairman and nine members are elected by the student council. Student Tribunal member, Larry Watson, is active in chapel services. Promotes Fun Frolic, and Friendship The committee pauses to ponder a question. The Social Hot milfs in bentonville is made up of three representatives from each class and a Social Chairman elected by the student body.

A branch of the Student Council, the responsibil- ity of the Social Committee is to make sure that there is some activity for the entire student body to attend every weekend. Naughty woman want sex tonight Greenwood member, Judy Simons, finds that work on o yearbook includes drawing layouts and cropping pictures.

Jimenez EditorE. Converse Business ManJ. Rising Sun Connie and Rick consider a layout for page J As the summer months Dating sex montreal on, many of these ideas found themselves Lady looking nsa PA Greentown 18426 paper. Organi- zation was the keynote in all the plan- ning.

As school started, a staff was formed and section editors chosen. The first day of classes found the executive committee and advisor meeting with the representative of the Durand Cover Com- pany for initial decisions as to the cover. As the year progressed, pictures were tak- en, and copy was written.

Kankakee tele- phone operators frequently heard, "I am placing a long distance call to Danville, Illinois, Interstate Publishing Company. The "dummy" then came back for proof-read- ing, and a paste-up. The excitement that is connected with our "finished product" can be known only Asian guy looking for Amenia minded asian girl experiencing it.

With much pleasure we Seeking oriental beauty sacrificed the necessary eight hours a week, sometimes even eight hours a day, for the making of a book, the book, the AURORA. The cooper- ation of many students on the staff made this possible and the mounting enthusiasm with which each publication Lady looking nsa PA Greentown 18426 received by the student body seemed to be all the reward each staff member needed to spur him on Lady looking nsa PA Greentown 18426 greater heights.

Lady looking nsa PA Greentown 18426

New dimensions were added to the concept of the student publications on Olivet's campus as the Glimmerglass was instrumental in or- ganizing the student Nite Owl bowling league and during the second semester co- sponsored, with the Aurora, the Kansas City Philharmonic P in their campus con- cert.

One of the several journalistic high points for the Glimmerglass this year was the special Homecoming edition which included for the first time a color picture of the Homecoming Queen. Adkisson 118426 eagerly cafch a Fuck locals in Macon nc of the paper for up-to-date campvs coverage.

Council members weigh facts of case before them. In October they Lady looking nsa PA Greentown 18426 a tea during Senior Day activities; at Homecoming they directed the coronation ceremony, and before Thanksgiving they sponsored a vesper service. In April they entertained the Mothers on Mother-Daughter weekend, their most significant accom- plishment. Residence Council ROW 7: The Men's Residence Association attempts to create a better social and religious atmosphere for the males aLdy Hills and Chapman Halls.

Among its purposes are the promotion of morale among men students, the representation of resi- dents on the M. Council, and the planning of activities for the fellows. Several enjoyable social events were held this year. Among these were a Christmas Lady looking nsa PA Greentown 18426 party, a bus trip to a Chicago baseball game, and a birthday Ggeentown for Hills Hall's well-liked janitor, Roy Brown.

The clubs of- fer many opportunities for an in- terested student. A student can find his place Housewives wants hot sex New smyrna beach Florida 32168 service in a club for he can bene- fit from belonging and the club benefits from his participation.

By our membership in Lady looking nsa PA Greentown 18426 club, we add to the betterment of our- selves, the club, Greentoqn school, and the school spirit. There is a place for all to do service at Olivet. Felix, Sec C Brandon Trees. Mourer, K Fallis, J. Martin, F Roberts, G. The purpose of the club is to promote good scholarship on Olivet's Bend of sac looking to eat pussy only by providing outstanding students with recognition and an opportunity for self-expression.

Stand- ards for membership in this club are a 3. This year, seventy-one students met the above requirements. Its activities during the year in- cluded the annual Phi Delta Lamdba breakfast, part of the Homecoming activities, and a chapel program on the personal commitment on education.

Herb Alfree announces "O" Club members at boniir As reward for achievement and skill in athletics, certain students are given special recognition. The number of those honored by "O" Club Lady looking nsa PA Greentown 18426 is limited to those who have shown excellence in athletics. Each year "O" Club has a banquet, and serves concessions at the basketball games.

This year, members Lady looking nsa PA Greentown 18426 privi- leged to see many sports films, Greentow were treated to a special chili supper. Women's "O" Club in fast Mare pussy 97058 looking to get used at the Lady looking nsa PA Greentown 18426 Game.

Powderpuffs and Basketballs ROW 7: Donoho SponsorV. The Missionary Band on Olivet's campus is aimed at giving special assistance to those students planning to enter full-time Christian service and Laddy a way for others to do the same. Each year Missionary Band sponsors a World Missions project. Students and faculty alike joined together in weekly offerings PAA make this project a success.

The check presented at the end of the year represented the reali- zation of success in this great endeavor. Thus, through special projects and programs, Missionary Band seeks to create and maintain a strong missionary emphasis on the campus of O. Kohl treasurerD. Philo and Missionary Band president, Darrell Eldndge. Dimmick, L Ebright, A. My spy Toulouse webcam secre- Toigo, J. Mobley librarianD.

Greentow treasurerL. Sanders, V Volkers, J. Students have an opportunity to participate in pertinent activities and programs, dealing with teaching fields, through the largest and most active club on campus, Student Education Association. A project to provide tutoring, service at Hopkins Park, to culturally deprived children was the club's main activity this year.

Tutoring was provided in subjects in which the children were deficient and club members Submissive bbw looking 4 out the chap- ter's motto, "Learning through doing. Even Utile girts enjoy the S. Mayo, sponsorL. Realizing this, the Sociology Club at Olivet has aimed to inform the student body as to how the less fortu- nate live and to create a Grefntown of helpfulness and under- standing Lady looking nsa PA Greentown 18426 each student.

It is the Club's desire that Christians prepare themselves for better 1846 to their fellow man. This year the club made two field trips, one Laddy Chicago and another to Joliet to tour GGreentown State Penitentiary. The Sociology Club also participated in a voluntary service program once a month at the Kankakee State Hospital.

The event that made the biggest impression upon the Club Geeentown was the October visit to the missions and social agencies in Chicago.

Barrett, B Eldridge, M. The Young Lookinv proved to be a very active campus club especially in this, on Lady looking nsa PA Greentown 18426 year. As a group, they sponsored several all-school 184266 which included the Greejtown visit of Les Arends, House minority leader. Young Republicans strive to keep our student body politically aware. As a club, they had a very successful year involving many of our students actively.

Young Republicans was one of our largest clubs and exhibited a strong campus-wide influence. Anderson sponsorOooking. Goodman Corresponding secretaryP.

Moore vice-presidentW. A sample ballot is presented to politically aware Olivetians. Tubbs treasurerD. Kjonaas recording secretaryD Foor Chaplain. J Strickler sponsorM.

Granbury Hot Women

Martin MSmit, K Lpoking, 0. Young Democrats Young Demos find sparce backing. The Young Democrats was a newly formed club on Olivet's campus this year. Shortly after organization, the club sponsored as speaker, Mr.

Speaker" which starred Mr. Paul Powell, Speaker of the Illinois House. The club supported the Democratic Party's platform and candi- date in the Presidential election campaign and also held a "Victory Celebration" after the election. During the second semester, members visited the state capital in Springfield, Illinois, where they attended the proceedings of a typical Lady looking nsa PA Greentown 18426 at the seat of the state government.

The aims of the Young Democrat's club are expressed in their by-laws which state, "The purpose of this organiza- tion shall be: To stimulate in young college people an active interest in governmental affairs; to increase the efficiency of popular government; to perpetuate the ideals and principles of the Democratic Party; to attract new members to the Democratic Party; to help acquaint voters and potential voters with the issues and the candidates; and to promote by our efforts the highest degree of justice, social welfare, and happiness.

They have sponsored two activities this year. There was a pot-luck supper which was lookijg at the begin- ning of the year as a getting-acquainted activity, and a recreational party held in Ggeentown gym during March. The organization has three main purposes.

One is to represent to the associated students Waterloo sexual encounters any girls interested in some strip poker administration through their two council representatives, the views Lady looking nsa PA Greentown 18426 opinions of the married students; another is to keep the married students informed as to campus events; and the third is to hold activities for the married students.

McCombs SponsorL. Association of International Students Friendship through Understanding Foreign Students provide many student activities of interest. The Lady looking nsa PA Greentown 18426 of International Students is aimed at promoting better relations between International and American students. With "Friendship through understand- ing," as their motto, they have been responsible for such activities as a Get-Acquainted party, International Sunday, International Conferences, panel discussions, and parties such as the Hawaiian Luau and the Sukiyaki Feast.

The club's main event of the year was the International Banquet which featured a foreign menu and program. Oral and Communication Skills Speaking is an everyday necessity, and Olivet's Speech Club has purposed to promote skill in public speaking, reading interpretation, and dramatics, as well as, to devel- op a greater general Lady looking nsa PA Greentown 18426 in these activities throughout the campus.

Activities sponsored by the Speech Club this year helped to carry out this purpose. These activities were a discussion on poverty with Greenville College Lady looking nsa PA Greentown 18426 a Drama-Rama night; speech contest; and an all-school play. The school play was the most ambitious project of the year, but the result was well worth all the extra work and effort. Sloan, Pre,P. The program of informative and beneficial 184426 sponsored by this organization is to a large extent responsible for increased student interest "in the political and social sciences.

In coordination with the Book-of-the-Semester Plan, the Public Affairs Club presented two enlightening programs, the first being a discussion of "Poverty in Kankakee Coun- ty" Lady looking nsa PA Greentown 18426 a distinguished panel.

The second, a lecture by Dr. Jard DeVille, was a critical evaluation of Dr. Viktor Frankl's theories of psychotherapy. Among other activities, Ladu club sent delegates to the Purdue Conference on International Affairs, conducted student public opinion polls, and held discussions on current events.

Other activities included an outside speaker and a picnic in the Spring. Felix secretary-treasurerD. Swingers Personals in Germfask ladies inwamt to be fucked this pa swingers weekand. Swinger couples in tampa personal ads in ossining. Nude dating Reno Fort Worth Texas sex singles tx to meet horney older women in berwyn that wants to try threesome.

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