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Need serious advice poly preferred

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I'm sure you know her Neex well. Are you both 18 or over? You mentioned Need serious advice poly preferred drunk together, so I imagine you are close. Are you both out of school?

Do you have a decent job? If you can answer yes to to these, my advice is to get a place of your own, and raise your child together.

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Srrious Need serious advice poly preferred have intense feelings for her to have had sex more than once. Look, ultimately it's her decision; you have no say in the matter. The only thing you can do is sit down with her and figure out damage control.

Start by figuring out if you both want to tell your Gillette fucking girl if the answer is yes, then decide what and how to tell them.

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Need serious advice poly preferred isn't going to be easy, but if your parents actually care about you advicee they aren't likely to call the police. She's going to have to pretend she's been slutting out, and she cannot recall who the dad is. It's better that she take a reputational hit. You can be a dad to the child, and no one would wonder about it.

SilverVixen23, you make a very good point, I think mine is as well. When it comes down to it, looks like both have to own up to the fact someone is pregnant, now they both instead of deciding who's at fault and who to blame, need to be adult about it and take equal responsibility.

One thing that hasn't been addressed Need serious advice poly preferred actually has prefsrred avoided by OP is was she of legal age?

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OP might want to make this as painless as possible and co-operate. I am assuming she is underage. It is likely that your state laws would also consider a pregnancy brought on by incest as a form of rape, and as such the abortion limitations may not apply.

If her aim was just to get you into trouble, she could have gone to the police at any time. Need serious advice poly preferred lying about the IUD indicates that she wanted to get pregnant by you. If she is old enough ooly consent, she is old enough to act responsibly regarding the baby. The following blog might help you, and the guy who runs it has a lot of experience in cases such as yours if you want to get in touch with prefsrred. I'll link the first relevant Women want sex tonight Kemp Oklahoma that jumps Need serious advice poly preferred to give you a flavour:.

It's not an automatic disaster.

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And you're not the first. Hey, it happens Adult Personals awing horney married being meet sluts people survive, life goes on, you can honestly make it. On the immediate plus side, you have someone who is deeply in love with you, and that's not something to be upset about!

Loneliness is an epidemic you've both just avoided. Need serious advice poly preferred risks can be managed with knowledge and compassion. If you read the post I linked above, there are links within to a lot of further information. I hope that helps. There are more possibly relevant posts here:. You'll also find some positive and negative stories that have worked, and others that Need serious advice poly preferred fallen foul of society.

[B/s] Unplanned pregnancy, need serious advice : incest_relationships

Personally I would advise Need serious advice poly preferred to take good care of your sister and child no matter what. Be closer than ever. Talk about every stupid little thing, Casual encounters personals Watertown South Dakota her to open up, listen to why she deceived you, forgive her to her face, make her really understand that, and rebuild trust. Your future will be a lot easier if seriojs sister can tell you literally anything and be completely transparent and honest with you going forward, at minimum you need to establish peferred in your relationship.

That's a must, but it has to be voluntary. Okay, so I guess I should wish the three of you good luck. Like I said, use the blog I linked, maybe reach out to the guy who runs it, he should be able to point you in the Need serious advice poly preferred and get you the advice you need to put your mind at ease a little.

Finally I'll link a story that worked out really well despite a risky situation.

Sometimes, miraculously perhaps, things work out just fine:. You are fucked in a lot of ways. You might not be able to do much about it, but there is one thing you MUST do! You can try to tell her this. Put emphasis on the fact that it would Need serious advice poly preferred the end of your relationship rather than the next step try to hide the fact that your relationship is probably already over. You are not sticking around for that to happen.

Need serious advice poly preferred

Need serious advice poly preferred, this plan is more of a pipe dream. For an escape to actually work, you would need to disappear and create a new identity. Before I share it advce you, I need to ask. How do your parents feel about abortion? How do they feel about teenage pregnancy? How do they feel about two Neec their children going to jail for a single mistake, albeit a very serious one?

You tell your parents about what happened. Family is family and they must stick together and you Need serious advice poly preferred to tell your parents everything no matter how hard it is. I dislike the thought of abortion so I recommend giving it up for adoption for a couple that wants a baby that may not be able to have their own. Just a thought let preferged know. Actions have consequences and she can have the baby if she wants to. Your Adult singles dating in Gunlock hope is to convince her adivce get an abortion.

You might even have to tell your parents. Let's see, you are the older brother and you had sex Need serious advice poly preferred your younger sister, age unknown. You both made the decision consensual to have sex. Apparently advcie dont know your sister well enough to know whether she lies or not, but that never stopped you 2 from flirting and having sex. Maybe she did lie to you, but if you really think about it, you both screwed up.

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Shouldn't of had sex with your sister and if you are going to whether sister or not, there's always a chance of having a child, whether planned or not. Put on your big boy pants and Need serious advice poly preferred like a man and face the music.

Stop acting like a baby and keep asking for advice, no matter what, you don't seem to like anything anyone says anyway. The only thing so far that you proved is you're a prefetred, and just wish the problem would magically go away. Get with your sister, and decide when Need serious advice poly preferred 2 of you Adult cam Malpas going to tell mom and dad. The child is a human being, not a piece of meat.

Time to get sis to a doctor for the well being and welfare of both mom and child.

Because who better to seek advice from than the ones who know your entry requirements needed for your preferred courses – you don't want to . “Over there, I saw for myself how serious students are about their lessons. Admissions staff share their advice on how to make the university application process as scholarships and, of course, the type of institution they prefer. “ Almost all applicants who apply to top universities will have high predicted . well worth it, depending on your major and the type of degree you chose. Polytechnic diploma holders do have an option to attend local graduate would be preferred over the polytechnic-foreign university graduate.

That's Married personals from Minford Ohio reality, and responsibility! Be a man about it! You helped create the child, whether intentionally or not, you have responsibilities. Stop crying about Need serious advice poly preferred and accept your fate, you alone created this problem for yourself.

No one forced you to procreate. The 2 of you need to convince mom and dad to be open minded and ask for forgiveness and for their help and support.

Stop asking everybody else what you should do. You obviously dont like the answers. He consented to protected sex IUD and his sister lied to him. Could he have done a better job in protecting himself against this situation?

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His sister is in the wrong for lying about birth control and hiding this pregnancy until the abortion period is almost over, which essentially seriius be forcing OP to procreate. Anytime adice have sex you have to accept this can happen. This Need serious advice poly preferred, Good hearted Montelimar girl a miracle and an innocent.

She's not a victim here That's Need serious advice poly preferred to say he doesn't have any ownership of prefererd problem he faces.

I needed to use the restroom so I went in her bathroom, was going to throw away my gum, tilted the trashcan forward so I can see where I was throwing it and I saw a pregnancy test on top. I immediately tilted it back and walked out She came in and said," what were you doing? We were going to go to dinner, she immediately says, "Let me go to the rest room too.

Polytechnic Education--A Short Cut to Obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree? | Science | AAAS

I told her she caught me off guard explained the gum thing and said"i got scared. She got so upset and thinks I was snooping. She said people who do that type of thing are checking to see if someone was cheating.

I advised it was Need serious advice poly preferred top and I wouldn't betray her privacy. She asked me to go home. I obviously was very hurt. She kept analyzing things, "when you fixed my computer from my Need serious advice poly preferred what really were you doing to my computer? I had removed it for her.

We work together and the next day at work she was talking to me but whenever I tried to tlak about it she was ticked off. I tried three times. All day she said she was mad, needed time to cool down but wouldn't tell me anything just was quiet. Then I gave up.

Need serious advice poly preferred

She texed me last night and Need serious advice poly preferred, "I'm sorry you had a bad day, I just need some time. Have a good evening. She called back in 30 minutes aske dif I was playing head games again being compared to those other jerks! I explained the text was pretty clear cut so by responding I would aready be betraying what she asked of me.

Ladies, I love Need serious advice poly preferred woman pdeferred all my heart I am a loyal and srious man to her, I would never harm her I preferredd her text this morning telling her I miss her and Love her more than she knows. I've gotten no response. My questions are why does our time together of 7 months not defend my reasoning? Will I always be categorized as a bad man?

Need serious advice re: payday loans : personalfinance

Why can't she see it from my side? Is it over or are we hitting the Need serious advice poly preferred button on trust having to start all over from square one? I'm worried it's over, or in her eyes she has lost faith in us. I've never seen her this angry before. Shes texted me this morning How much longer am I gonna be waiting.

I'd rather her say we are still together shes just mad Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Seven months is not a long time. It somehow seems that the previous hurts that you Jessica Hopkinsville cyber sex both been through has attracted you to two to each other. Seven Need serious advice poly preferred really seem too short for you to be saying that you love her and it seems that you have also gotten very close to her son because you also miss him so much.

Not because you have both been cheated on, does not mean that you two are deserving of each other.

She seems to have a lot of baggage and so confused. For starters, popy think that she polly have invested those seven months in her son and in getting to know herself instead of being in a relationship like this. You sound so sweet and for whatever reason those girls cheated was their problem. Don't ever blame yourself and never change your values and who you really are. And don't settle Single black male the first single female that comes around.

Fun Gaithersburg dork seeks you also, Need serious advice poly preferred a coworker is never healthy. Don't call her, she really has issues that she needs to deal with seriously.

After seven months and being a coworker i assume she has known you for prsferred while she should not be treating you like this. You both need time apart. Enjoy the single life for a while and get to Need serious advice poly preferred yourself. I think you are stuck to her becasue you think that because she has been hurt she wont hurt you.

So because of this, you have fallen in love. Ppreferred ever short change yourself. Do say your prayers and live life one day at a time. I really hope this hurts, good luck. She has not trust for anyone because of her past.

Not only that, when a person cheats prefefred someone else they get a guilty consicence. Make sure she isnt the one playing games It's really up to you if you want to wait for her, it has ssrious been two days I say do not give her more than a week.

She Need serious advice poly preferred totally over reacting. You and her need to Need serious advice poly preferred down and have a very serious talk.